Vehicle City Harley-Davidson Rider Rewards

How Do These Cards Work?

Simple. After being assigned a reward number all your purchases that you make at the dealership results in points being awarded to your account. This includes Parts, Accessories and MotorClothes®. Please note that service labor, warranty and collision work is excluded from earning points but purchasing a new motorcycle will give you a flat reward of 250 points. For each dollar you spend, you earn 1 point toward your account. Reward Coupons may be issued and redeemed after as little as 200 points.

200 points = $10.00 Reward Certificate
300 points = $15.00 Reward Certificate
400 points = $20.00 Reward Certificate
500 points = $25.00 Reward Certificate
750 points = $37.50 Reward Certificate
1000 points = $50.00 Reward Certificate
1500 points = $75.00 Reward Certificate
2000 points = $100.00 Reward Certificate
3000 points = $150.00 Reward Certificate
5000 points = $250.00 Reward Certificate

How Do I Redeem The Points?

You must create an account via our website. Click on the "Rider Rewards" portal (located above). This will allow you to keep track of your points, redeem coupons, get up-to-date dealer information on events or promotions, etc. To convert your points to a Rewards Coupon, simply print the coupon and take it to the cashier with your purchase. Your Coupon will be applied to your purchase.

What Happens If A Customer Has Problems Getting Their Bonus Points Credited?

It takes 24-48 hours after a sale for the points to be processed and credited to a customer's account. The same applies to any returned merchandise. In the event that a customer doesn't feel fully awarded for their purchases, check with a manager. Again, the points do not instantly register on the website. If you do not see your points after 48 hours please contact us.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Customers are rewarded for earning points. Every dollar a customer spends earns them one point.
  • A maximum of 8,000 points will accumulate on your Rider Rewards Account at once. Once you have redeemed a gift certificate, points will again accumulate on your account.
  • Rewards points cannot be redeemed for the purchase of motorcycles and are not redeemable for cash.
  • Reward points expire 180 days after your last qualifying purchase.